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With more than sixty years in the practice of law, Jack I. Esensten brings a broad base of knowledge, experience and common sense to every legal issue, obtaining practical, economical and favorable results for clients.



With  more than sixty years of experience in state and federal courts throughout California, Jack I. Esensten has a broad base of experience representing clients in family law, probate, and litigation matters, from the straightforward to the complex.  The individual needs of clients are of primary importance and receive meaningful and immediate attention.

Mr. Esensten has been a presence in the Los Angeles Court system for decades; he obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California and his law degree from Southwestern Law School.  During his career, Mr. Esensten has been appointed countless times by the local courts as a mediator, and has served as Secretary, Vice-President and President of the South Bay Bar Association.  Formerly certified as a Family Law Specialist, Mr. Esensten knows the ins and outs of the complex laws and rules governing dissolution of marriage, spousal support, child custody, child support and paternity issues, and, equally important, knows how to approach his clients’ needs around such emotional issues with care and compassion.  The firm also associates with outside litigation counsel as well as probate paralegals in order to meet the unique needs of each client.

An aggressive and knowledgeable litigator, Jack I. Esensten has spent decades appearing before judges, commissioners, arbitrators and mediators, knowing when the circumstances warrant more forceful advocacy, and when compromise is the most effective strategy.  The needs and goals of each individual client dictate the approach to each case.  Very few attorneys have the broad background and experience of Mr. Esensten, and very few attorneys combine the education, experience, skills and instincts to obtain the kind of results that he has obtained for clients for more than sixty years.